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Finding New Uses For Metals

Scrap Yard

Our goal at Mryglod Steel & Metals Inc is to ensure high-end scrap metal recycling productivity and quality for the mills and foundries that purchase our final product. Doing so, while providing the best customer service, pricing, and efficient recycling solutions for the customers we purchase from.

Mryglod Steel & Metals Inc offers many products and services for individuals and businesses in all lines of work.


Our staff’s knowledge and experience gives us an edge over our competitors and helps us recycle your material efficiently, using the latest technology and high end equipment. We take pride in contributing to a better environment through steel & scrap metal recycling, saving energy, and conserving natural resources. Reducing landfill waste and using the latest technology, we make our environment cleaner.


At Mryglod Steel & Metals' all scrap material that we purchase, will be processed to its purest form, and packaged for resale to a mill or foundry that will smelt that scrap for recycling. Depending on the type of scrap metal, we will shear, bale, strip, chop, disassemble, or granulate it to bring it down to its purest form. All these processes are completed in house by our knowledgeable and experienced staff, and our long list of purpose built equipment.

Scrap Yard & Mobile Service

At Mryglod Steel & Metals Inc, we have two large scrap yards in Weyburn that are easily accessible for even the largest of loads. We are capable of unloading up to 35,000lbs in one lift within our yard. Our weights & measures certified scale and friendly staff give our customers the peace of mind they deserve out of their local family owned & operated scrap yard.


Mryglod Steel & Metals Inc has a complete stock of several products. Call or stop in to find angles, brass, beams, cable, chain, plumbing, and welding supplies. We also have channel, flats, pipe, expanded metal, square and rectangular tubing, sheet and plate rebar, wire mesh, rounds, shafting, hardware, tools, and fittings.

Bin Service

Mryglod Steel & Metals Inc currently operates two lugger style trucks with 150+ bins ranging from 3 yard to 20 yard capacity as well as a two place bin trailer which allows us to haul up to 3 bins a time. Our container service reaches out as far as 200 km from Weyburn, including Estevan, Carlyle, Regina, Moose Jaw and all surrounding areas. We are now offering Roll-Off bin services as well!! Our tri-drive roll-off truck can handle all of your scrap metal needs with bins ranging from 15 yard to 30 yard capacitates, these containers are ideal for industrial applications, demolition, and manufacturing. We will deliver any style of container to your business, jobsite or farm yard and leave them there for you to load. Once the container is full, we will come pick it up and replace it with an empty bin as needed. Give us a call today to come up with a customized recycling solution for you or your business.

Truck & Trailer Service

At Mryglod Steel & Metals Inc, we operate some of the largest scrap metal shears in the province. Our long list of purpose-built equipment makes us a prime candidate for almost any mobile clean-up or demolition project. At Mryglod Steel, our staff has the skills and knowledge to add the most value to your project by identifying what needs to be done, and the most efficient way to do it. From bringing in the proper equipment for the job, to having our own trucks & trailers to save money on the transportation of materials, you will not be disappointed with the quality and efficiency of Mryglod Steel.